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My mission is dedicated to building connections with a diverse group of individuals, including professionals, athletes, families, businesses, and entrepreneurs, who are eager to achieve their utmost potential in both their personal and professional endeavors. The journey from ordinary to extraordinary performance is navigated by following YOUR own unique path with commitment, enthusiasm, and strategic focus.


Churmell empowers audiences to raise their game, improve their performance, and dominate their lanes through captivating presentations and innovative workshops.


"Churmell is widely sought after as a keynote speaker, both in corporate and private settings, and as a facilitator for workshops. Renowned for his expertise in fatherhood, parenting guidance, children specialist and motivational speaking, he is a distinguished figure in these fields."


Supporting individuals to adopt unconventional thinking to exceed, excel, outpace, and endure longer than their competition in performance and service.

Featured Book

31 Prayers for Single Parents

offers daily guidance and support, providing heartfelt prayers tailored to the unique challenges faced by single parents. With compassion and understanding, the book serves as a source of strength, encouragement, and spiritual nourishment throughout the journey of single parenthood.

Upcoming Books to Anticipate!

Here are the list of books that we would be publishing soon


Refill You

Churmell Mitchell


Refill Each Other

Churmell Mitchell


A Fathers Voice Matters

Churmell Mitchell 

Join the 31-Day Challenge!

Unlock a transformative experience with the '31-Day Prayer Challenge' hosted by the author of '31 Prayers for Single Parents.' Elevate your journey to resilience and empowerment by participating in this exclusive event.

Embark on a month-long exploration of self-discovery and community. Receive daily challenges, inspiration, and personalized guidance directly from the author. Join a supportive network of single parents committed to growth and empowerment.

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