You Will Build Yourself

You Will Refill Yourself

Then You Will Become Yourself

Helping individuals think outside the box to out-work, out-perform, out-serve and outlast their competition.

We Help You Leverage Who You Are Against Who You Thought You Were In Both Your Life And Career.


Our Mission Is To Provide You With The Tools And Systems Needed To Change Your Life And Create A Profitable Business. Here Are 7 Steps You Want To Do:

STEP 1 –

STEP 2 –






Find your purpose

Set long term goals to live a successful life

Learn the habits of successful people

Stay focused on what you want in life

Stay motivated on the way

Refocus when change happens

Never Give Up! No Excuses Allowed!

Here Is The Type Of Life You Should Be Living

We Call These "Finer Points" HARD TRUTHS. Let's Take A Moment To Address Those TRUTHS Right Now, Shall We?

Our mission is to provide coaches and entrepreneurs with the tools and systems needed to change lives and create a profitable business.

Are You Ready To Be Motivated To “Become Yourself”

“Does This Sound Familiar?”

You’ve been struggling with finding the motivation from within to become the full person that you know you can be

You’ve invested time and energy into yourself and somehow you still have not seen the return you desire

You have ideas and know how you want to help people, but find it hard to articulate those ideas and bring them to life

You’re still in need of some enlightenment of your purpose

You’ve been struggling to find yourself and which has affected your business

“Are You Ready For Different Results?”

“These Are The Hard Truths You Need To Hear”

Hard Truth # 1-

Hard Truth # 2-

Hard Truth # 3-

Hard Truth # 4-

If you don’t get a healthy system in place for your goals, you won’t be able to reach them effectively or the people you want to serve.

Without the right people around you, regular accountability checkups, and a support network invested in your success, you’ll find yourself routinely distracted, running in circles, and hemorrhaging money.

Until you learn how to process information, why you behave the way you do and what goes into your decision-making process, you’ll never move from your current level. All of your future success regarding attracting, maintaining, and keeping a healthy balance and growing as a leader is based on understanding the basics of learning who you are first.

Your investment in “higher end” programs to create quicker results can be a waste of money and you may not get what you paid for. More does not always equal better. With Churmell Mitchell, you get all the promised value upfront and for considerably less than its current appraised market value! His focus is to build, refill, and help you become the best version of yourself.

Be The Complete Person And Find The Motivation From Within

The Truth Lies In Front Of Us All. It Is Up To Us To See It Through

The point of working with and being coached by me is that you get hands -on experience. We seek the roots of the problem. I personally focus on things from the inside out instead of the outside in. I am always looking to build the person from the ground up. I also understand in the building phase you will need to be refiled with the actual tools that it will take to obtain success. After those two stages are complete you will finally become yourself.

It's Time To Learn The Right Way To Change Your Life, The Lives Of Others, & Grow Your Business!

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